Making of Circus Sayaka (PMMM card game art)

About six months ago, a friend asked if I'd seen the new circus outfits for the Madoka girls...I hadn't. But! I squealed with so much joy when I saw them! Circuses are one my longest loves, and pairing things with magical girls makes everything better! This whole project was so much fun to work with, and I'm really glad to have gotten to perform in such a fun, playful skit with some of my best friends. <3

Photo - Matt @ Brisbane SupaNova 2014

Kyoko - Blair || Mami - J || Madoka - K || Homura - Aly || Sayaka - Siera
Photo - Omaikane || skit

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Making of Sailor Mercury

I was so excited when Sailor Moon Crystal was announced earlier this year, it was one of my staples as a kid - alongside Pokemon and Cardcaptor Sakura. I've never cosplayed any Sailor Moon characters before (how?!), but Ami was always my favourite, so before an airing date was even released, I got down to making my first Senshi uniform! :D

Photo - Alan || Tiara - Jill || Wig - K

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Making of Turquoise (Sakizo's Romantic Jewels) - part I

I've had fabrics for this costume for at least the past year, and am finally putting them to use! >D I've been working on this for the past three weekends, but am going to put it on hold for now to work on other costumes for (sooner) conventions.

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Making of Black Widow (Captain America: Winter Soldier)

Black Widow's been a character that I've always really admired and wanted to cosplay, though struggled deciding on a version/occasion. But then I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier, the same week that SupaNova announced they'd be bringing Stan Lee to Australia - I was set!

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Making of Mon Amour Circus (Sakizo Illustration)

Sakizo’s illustrations, and circus are two of my favourite things, so I couldn't say no to making a costume that incorporated both!

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Just another cosplayer with stage fright who's chronically chained to their sewing machine.

20's, Melbourne - Australia

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