Aqua - test one!

This October officially marks two years since I first saw the promos for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and swooned over Aqua. Well, 'swooned' mightn't be the right word...I thought she was pretty cool, and after seeing a shot of a rendered cutscene, I couldn't help but think "I think I could pull that off really well!". And now? Well I'm pretty smitten by her! She's hands down my favourite KH/Squeenix girl and I've been so excited to make her costume.

Unfortunately, I can't start work on her for at least another 1 1/2 months, but that doesn't stop me testing out make-up for her! I think it needs a bit of work, and a bit less blush. But I think there's potential. I also plan on fully covering my eyebrows when I actually do her too. =3

Ignore the fact this is quite obviously me fagging around in the bathroom with my Lal Mirch wig all tied back! But the lighting was so nice this afternoon~

Sheryl Makeup Test

So my Sheryl wig arrived in the mail the other day, which called for a make-up test! I originally wasn't quite sure if the wig'd be that nice, especially with my skin tone, but those thoughts have quickly been diminished.
It's really nice and soft with gorgeous curls - here's a back shot. I finally got somewhere with completely obscuring my eyebrows, though re-drawing is another story, but I'll get there! Apart from being a bit drag queen-y, I think it went alright. And I still need to trim the fringe as well.

And this is my previous test for Sheryl. If I put bits of both of them together, I think I'll get a happy medium.

My day-project from Thursday, making a little plushie of Ahiru's duck form from Princess Tutu! Hopefully those that were at Sydney SupaNova on Saturday saw it and got a picture with it too...? =D

On the sewing front, I've been doing a fantastic job of 'procrastination sewing'...making things I probably shouldn't be. But after some jokes, Rin's Synchronicity dress was too cute not to make! It's very simple though, so I'm determined to get it all right, which is about to result in a lot of un-picking and re-doing as I'm not happy with the top ruffles, and the draft of the skirt part isn't quite as poofy as I'd like. The joys of an obcessive cosplayer!


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