Sheryl Makeup Test

So my Sheryl wig arrived in the mail the other day, which called for a make-up test! I originally wasn't quite sure if the wig'd be that nice, especially with my skin tone, but those thoughts have quickly been diminished.
It's really nice and soft with gorgeous curls - here's a back shot. I finally got somewhere with completely obscuring my eyebrows, though re-drawing is another story, but I'll get there! Apart from being a bit drag queen-y, I think it went alright. And I still need to trim the fringe as well.

And this is my previous test for Sheryl. If I put bits of both of them together, I think I'll get a happy medium.

My day-project from Thursday, making a little plushie of Ahiru's duck form from Princess Tutu! Hopefully those that were at Sydney SupaNova on Saturday saw it and got a picture with it too...? =D

On the sewing front, I've been doing a fantastic job of 'procrastination sewing'...making things I probably shouldn't be. But after some jokes, Rin's Synchronicity dress was too cute not to make! It's very simple though, so I'm determined to get it all right, which is about to result in a lot of un-picking and re-doing as I'm not happy with the top ruffles, and the draft of the skirt part isn't quite as poofy as I'd like. The joys of an obcessive cosplayer!

Chrome and the Amazing Purpley 3-week Jacket

I decided some weeks ago to make Chrome's (Katekyo Hitman REBORN!) outfit from the Vongola ver. Italy artwork that came with chapter 261. Sourcing the material was succesful, but that's about all the good-luck that this little project had. I was originally going to make it for when we had our Durarara!! photoshoot, but that obviously didn't happen. Motivation aside, a lot of little things kept negating progress, but it's all finally almost done! Which I'm really glad for because I've gotten sick of it sitting around the house, and really need to start on other projects for future cons.

Re-working pattern pieces for the jacket. These are all my own drafted patterns, and I ended up using a prototype pattern for my Alice (Pandora Hearts) jacket which hadn't had enough flare for the character in the first draft, but would be perfect for Chrome's blazer.

Pattern, interfacing, lining and fashion fabric all cut out! It's my first time fully interfacing a garment, but it was definitely needed. The purple silk satin was way to flimsy to hold a shape on it's own, but with the interfacing, it had this really nice weight that was lovely to work with.

All good skirts have reeeeaaally long rectangles! I'm not sure why, but I severely underestimated how long the skirt would need to be, and it ended up being double this!

Not quite looking like anything wearable yet...

That's better! Sleeves and lining are attatched and sewn up, skirt was un-picked and re-gathered with extra material. It's still all sitting a bit weird because it needs to be pressed, but it's so much more finished than it was yesterday! Blazer needs to be hemmed and button+buttonholed, and the skirt just needs a zipper and a nice big fluffy bow on the back! I'm also thinking I'll need take up the bottom of the blazer so it's a bit more cropped, but I'll have to have a fitting first and then decide.

2010 Con Attendence

I'd really meant to write this up a week ago, but forgot to amongst work and other things.

I should really be updating devART with this too, but as of last week, I won't be able to attend the following cons:
- AVcon @ Adelaide (July 23rd - 25th)
- SMASH! @ Sydney (August 7th)
- Australian WCS Finals @ Main Animania Sydney (September 11th)

It was known that something like this could happen, but I didn't expect that all of these conventions that I had really looked forward to would be knocked out. I had an amazing time at AVcon last year, and was so excited that so many interstate people were banding together to support Adelaide's main con this year! I've also heard so many good things about SMASH! and wanted to experience that for myself - not to mention that one of my favourite artists, Endling, would be attending. And the WCS finals? I'll be very much missing supporting all of my friends entered into the finals this year.

But costuming will keep going! I'd originally mixed up the Saturday of WCS with the Saturday of Manifest (which wouldn't have upset me nearly as much) but this is the way things go. So for the first time in 2 years I'll be at Manifest for all 3 days, as well as the Amaranth ball on Thursday evening.

Now I just have to decide what to make and wear! So many options, and I'm terribly indecisive. =(

Melbourne's Super Showdown for World Record

Melbourne's Federation Sqaure has been known as a lot of things: an eye sore, a meeting place, an art piece, a waste, and so on! Ask anyone in Melbourne and you'll get a different opinion. However, last week-end it transformed to become the home to 1,245 of Melbourne's finest caped, masked, buff-suited and super citizens, all in an attempt for World Record glory!

Unfortunately I wasn't there to aid the record, but definitely there to support as it busted the previous week-end's record that was set by 1,091 superheroes that swooped on Twickenham Stadium in London.

It looked like a great way to spend a morning with entire families (even dogs!) attending for show bags, competitions and photos with 'professional cosplayers' from Dreamworld on the Goldcoast! This was all in celebration for DC Comics' 75th Anniversary, and it's great to see that Melbourne can pull out the numbers when needed! It's been interesting Googling around and seeing that such costuming fun made it internationally, and even to India!

Back home, it's not hard to find little bits of snippits and fun photos by Seven, Nine, The Age and The Australian.


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