AvCon 2010 - the quick round up.

Everyone should be arriving back home from Adelaide tonight, so I'd just like to thank everyone there for a really enjoyable con again, this year. I know I said I wasn't attending, which I was quite cut about. But until 1pm on the Saturday of the con, I really wasn't because I had no flight tickets! XD; I'm really sorry again for being so indecisive...but I definitely am glad I did the quick trip up there.

The 'ClampCon' entourage. (Larger version)

Highlights include the marriage of Will and Judith.

And the funeral of toast/toost (circled), which 'accidently' got left at the pancake restaurant. >_>

A fuller report of my entire 1 1/2 days of insanity should be up in a few days on LiveJournal.

Potential pants

Most Australian cosplayers that frequent the con scene should be aware of John Robertson's 'Cosplay Song'. And I think we've all scoffed at the 'took three months to make these pants' line...until it happens. Perhaps 3 days instead of three months, but still a lot longer than it should have been! >(

These could be pants.

These are pants.

These are not pants.

Neither is this.


Tips and Tricks: Re-discovering circular ruffles

'A Ruffle Overview Extravaganza' by Burda gives a good basic overview of various ruffles and their properties. However for the longest time, I'm pretty sure I've clean forgotton about the very existence of circular ruffles. That is, until I started work on Rin's Synchronicity dress which required a ruffle that sat flat at it's origin before flaring out - a job perfect for a circular ruffle.

By the Burda article's explanation, circular ruffles are created by making an annulus/donut shape, with the inner circumference being the length of where the ruffle needs to go, and the distance between this circumference and the outer one being the width, or how long, the ruffle has to be (don't forget seam allowance!).

As mentioned before, they're great to use when the origin of the ruffle needs to lay flat, and are most convenient when the width of the ruffle isn't too great. If you need a really wide ruffle, you'll end up using quite a lot of material with drawing circles all over it - especially if you're hemming them by using a facing. For my ruffles, I've used the rolled hem stitch on my overlocker and pressed that into place. But I've also seen binding give a very neat and effective finish. Regular hemming on circles (or any other largely curved edge) can result in puckering if not first measured and pressed into place, and can get quite fiddly.

The bodice of Rin's dress where my ruffle's been made up of 1 1/2 circles and placed on a relatively straight edge. For a fuller ruffle you can sew several circles, with a smaller inner circumference, together.

As per any ruffle, the section of the circle on the bias will have more body to it. I've marked in where the ruffle is on the grain and bias, respectively, here to demonstrate that. For this reason, I've learnt to cut open the circle on an area of bias so that the seam is more disguised in the fuller shape. But it does really depend on your taste and personnal preference.

I've also used circular ruffles on the collar of my blouse for Day 1, Costume 2, of Manifest. This collar mockup has two circles in it and is sitting on a curved edge. It gives a nice wave, but I was wanting something a bit more over the top.

For the finished collar, I used somewhere between 2 1/2 - 3 circles. It's really lovely and flouncy and a lot of fun!

If having multiple-circles in a ruffle isn't enough, there's also the options of adding on a few more circles and then lightly gathering, or even pleating, them. For another tutorial and more images and uses of circular ruffles, I'd recommend having a read through of 'THE CIRCULAR RUFFLE'.

Re-visiting Myobi

Whenever anyone asks me what I enjoy most about cosplay, these are the three things that always come to mind:
- the ability and being able to make and create something
- travelling around Australia (and overseas!)
- having the chance to meet and connect with some really wonderful people that often have similar interests, humours and insanities to my own!

However, when these things conflict with each other, everything gets a bit difficult. I won't go into details, but I've scapped the idea of making Ladrinne (Magna Carta) this year, in lieu of finally finishing a costume that I started 1 3/4 years ago: Myobi from Alichino.

Finishing what I start isn't a very strong point of mine, and never having properly finished Myobi and given her the justice she deserves has always irritated me. I'd originally started making her for Manifest 2008 (which then became Armageddon 2008), but due to school, work and an injury, I wasn't able to fully complete her. I'd planned to rectify this for Manifest last year, before again running out of time - but this year I'm determined to get her done!

It's a really exciting project for me, beause I'm sure that I'll now have the proper skills to complete her, and to do it well at the same time. So here's a few shots from the re-making that started last year!
Papier mache drape form of the horn that hangs around her waist. You can also see the re-making of her bonnet in the background.

Defining the to-scale appliques of the designs that go on her dress.

A few other bits of hat re-making. The re-made bonnet's been covered, the flowers were painted with pink highlights and green lowlights to better match the reference picture, and a very failed attempt at the 'ribbons' that hang around the bonnet.

I keep all of my past and future bits and pieces for individual costumes together in bags, and this is the contents of Myobi's bag. Taking all of this out was just like opening a Christmas present, a very wtf Christmas present - I had no idea what was inside of there! Very helpful, though, is the sheet with my reference and my past costume. I can very easily see where I went wrong, what aspects don't match the ref, and how they'll need to be adjusted for this new version.


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