Guess what I'm making?

Hint 01: This isn't all the materials.
Hint 02: It's exactly what it looks like.

No. Seriously. Guess what I'm making.

Alternate Media

A few months ago, I was contacted by the artist Paul Ferry in regards to allowing him to paint a portrait of my cosplay for a comission business that he's trying to start up. He found me through Otacool2 and after seeing his work, I was more than happy to oblige! It's not really something I had ever thought of at first, and I admit, I was a bit suss at first. But he's really wonderful and has been great with replying to any questions I had, and keeping me in touch with how the artwork was going. I received the final painting a few weeks ago, but I've been incredibly busy with travel and conventions!


It's based off of this photo by a good friend of mine, Mon. Paul decided to go with a more illustrative feel for this piece, using inspiration from game artwork for the background, and conjuring it through digital painting in Photoshop. I'm really so happy with how it turned out and am very grateful that he asked me to help him in this endevour of his!

In other news! Another good friend of mine, Danni, joined me in appearing in the mX (a local paper) a week or so ago to promote Reel Anime!



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