Aqua - test one!

This October officially marks two years since I first saw the promos for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and swooned over Aqua. Well, 'swooned' mightn't be the right word...I thought she was pretty cool, and after seeing a shot of a rendered cutscene, I couldn't help but think "I think I could pull that off really well!". And now? Well I'm pretty smitten by her! She's hands down my favourite KH/Squeenix girl and I've been so excited to make her costume.

Unfortunately, I can't start work on her for at least another 1 1/2 months, but that doesn't stop me testing out make-up for her! I think it needs a bit of work, and a bit less blush. But I think there's potential. I also plan on fully covering my eyebrows when I actually do her too. =3

Ignore the fact this is quite obviously me fagging around in the bathroom with my Lal Mirch wig all tied back! But the lighting was so nice this afternoon~

Rounded up!

To anyone who guessed 'Jessie' from my last'd be absolutely correct! She took a bit of time and angsting to get finished, but I reckon she turned out pretty alright. I had so much fun wearing her and getting hugged and squeed over by little kids and...not-so-little kids alike!

Thanks to Kate for taking this shot! You can even see my pull cord in it~

Also, a few changes:
One - I've been informed that fc2's image hosting hasn't been that reliable on RSS feeders and for...well, anyone who's not me XD; So I'm switching over to hosting all of my images on trusty old photobucket! I'll eventually move older shots over there too, but it'll definitely be gradual.

Two - I got a hair cut! Nothing ground breaking, but 3 inches of re-growth and a fringe down to your chin is *never* a good look...this is much better!

Thanks Lex!


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