Omakes of singing out our youth!

After re-re-rescheduling, we finally got to have our Star Driver trio shoot last Wednesday! Here are some of the outtakes of it~
Takuto Tsunashi @ Aly
Sugata Shindou @ K
Wako Agemaki @ Siera
Photographer @ Mark
Helper @ Yarn

Going to extreme measures (with the assistence of crates) to get accurate shadows.

Delicious Wako-vision!

The gorgeous location that we had to work with.

Stage dazzling!

Penis ties! All for one, and one wang for all!

Putting our helper crates away, craters gonna crate!

Do you mind the glass perspex clear vinyl?

Costume shot! I don't make a very good Wako (or blonde anything for that matter) but after all the pain and UGHAGANRHA of these uniforms, I think they turned out really well! Not so well was my make-up for the shoot D8 Had two key fail moments, the first was putting on my foundation before sealing my eyebrows and then putting on my wig before my eyelashes. So out of practise. OTL

And lastly...hurrr....

Good-bye Celty

Last time I mentioned Celty was a few weeks ago. Since then, she's been finished - and just in time for the photoshoot too! I ended up spending a week making her bodysuit and finishing the helmet, I would've liked to have spent just a day more on her, but that's always the way that things go!

Sitting out to try, I've paperclay'd over the ears, as well as the vents on the front and top of the original helmet. And then I tried sanding everything back with very limited success. I'm definitely not a fan of paperclay.

However! I am a huge fan of putty and the wonders that it can do. Once I had all the paperclay covered, I sanded and re-puttied low areas several times. I also added the wedges in the ears with some foam and put more putty over that to blend everything in.

And from the back.

Once I had to get to painting, I put undercoat over the putty and started on the yellow, which was an enamel based spray. To other future-Celtys, I highly recommend not rushing your spray job. The high gloss enamel sprays that I was using really needed at least 12-24 hours to fully dry when masking, even though they were 'quick dry'. Because of this, areas that I had to re-spray ended up bubbling when masked. Peeling the masking tape off slowly did help, but not as much as leaving the paint to 100% dry would've.

Also, enamel sprays are really a finishing spray, so it's very difficult to put anything that isn't also an enamel over them. So for the acrylic inside of the ears, I had to mask that entire area off. Masking tape is also called that for a for the 'S' on her left side, I'd recommend sticking some thick masking tape on grease-proof paper, cutting out a stencil that way and then sticking it onto the helmet to spray the blue on. Just my 2c! XD

Before plotting all the details, it's also a good idea to check the helmet visor will fit back on and won't obscure where you have to put your details. Unfortunately this happenend with me with the little black inverted 'V's on the top of where the visor sits.

Regardless of my setbacks and little faux-pas in the last mile of finishing this, I still felt like it came out looking really quite nice! I'm very happy with the end result.

Here's also a quick preview of our (height accurate!) group for our main characters photoshoot! I'm so glad that we could get everyone together and that I had the opportunity to shoot with some really lovely Melbourne people. <3

Incoming - shoot week!

Got an incoming week of awesome shoots with the amazing Sab from Perth coming up! I'm really excited. Sab's one of those photographers that I love the work of and never got to shoot with...mostly because of the living at different ends of the continent. But will fix that now! 8D <3

Costumes planned are:
Kagamine Rin (Gemini vers.) - VOCALOID, Project Diva2 (Gemini vers.)
Celty Sturluson - Durarara!!
Tsukimi - Kuragehime
Tohru Mutuo - Shiki

And for the rest of January:
Kagamine Rin (Synchronicity vers.) - VOCALOID2
Wako Agemaki (school uniform vers.) - Star Driver
Sylvia Ji inspired artistic shoot

I've also nearly finished Sakana-chan's (Star Driver) going away dress.

Just need to put in a zip and make a waist tie and she's done! I think I cut the pieces for her out about three weeks ago, but it feels good to put her altogether. Now all I need is a shoot! OTL

Because slumped on a suitcase isn't a good look for a dress.

And this is how Celty is looking at the moment...not very inspiring. XD; I decided to go with making card forms of her ears, and I'm using homemade paper clay to work up their shape and body. At the moment the helmet's outside drying, I really hope it turns out alright!


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