Whenever someone's new to cosplay, it's often advised for them to start by modifying pre-bought garments to suit the character. But whether you've been in the hobby for 4 months or 4 years (or more!), I still think it's a viable option for any skill level. Altering garments can range from adding small adornments, to completely re-making something, like I did in the latter part of last year!

For a Vocaloid PV, I was thinking I would have to make my first kimono. But, after searching for materials, I came across the perfect yukata for just $20 - a fraction of what the fabric would've cost me.

However, Rin's yukata has a small white edge on the tomoeri (collar protector), so I grabbed some white fabric that I had laying around, folded over the longest side and then pickstitched it into place. It was important to handsew this because it was a temporary amendment, and I didn't want to damage the fabric. If you're not confident with handsewing, there's also a range of tapes on the market specifically for altering the lengths of pants, skits, sleeves etc.

Finished product! Not that much different, but an alteration all the same!

Now, this modifcation's a bit more major. I picked up this half-finished silk wedding dress a few years ago from a bargain bin. It was only about $10-15 and I didn't have any plans for it, but figured that if nothing came up, I could still use the fabric. After talking to Shona, we decided to cosplay Cendrillon together, and I'd nearly forgotten all about the dress!

So I made a calico mockup and unpicked all the (handsewn!) seams. Not much room for error, is there? I had just enough fabric from the bubble-y bodice of the dress. If it'd been any other style, it wouldn't have worked. Because of the fragile nature of the silk, I also had to reinforce it with interfacing.

Now the fun part! Seeing Mon do lots of lace and applique work, I definitely wanted to try some of my own. It was really fun creating my own patterns, and I'm very lucky to have picked a lace where the designs were mirrored, because it definitely wasn't something I was looking for when I bought it. I was a little worried about the different whites, but the satin binding I used ended up matching the lace's white, so it worked out great!

The finished product! After I was done with the bodice, I just had to create a few accesories, re-attatch the skirt and put a zip down the back. The feathered shoulders were made from gluing feathers from another project onto some shoulder pads before then handsewing them onto the straps. The waist sash was also really simple - a rectangle of one-way stretch fabric that I put some boning into so that it'd add more definition to the waist.

Back view - I'm really in love with the dress' train! It has such a gorgeous shape.

Bodice details. I added some pearls along the satin bias, and little fake roses at the intersection of the straps and bodice. I'd love to have done some beading on the lace work, but ran out of time!

And my headband! The base was a Spotlight find, and all the flowers were glued onto a piece of fabric before being attached to the headband.

And lastly, how the costumes ended up in their respective photoshoots - not too bad at all!

Back! (with Madman 2011)

Long time no blog! I've had a severe lack of motivation, but after being greatly flattered by the fact that this blog still gets daily hits, I'm going to try and give it another go! So here's to 2012!

Though ironically, I'm going to start with the last con from 2011 - Madman/BrisNova2. It was my first year not competing in the finals, which was okay because it was also my birthday! I cosplayed one of my favourite things, Cirque du Soleil! Specifically, the White Singer from Alegría.

Our group all ready and just about to leave.

Making the White Singer was a lot of new challenges, and I knew I wouldn't be able to fully complete her for the con, but hopefully I'll get to make more Cirque costumes in the future.

I didn't take very many photos at the con this year, though there were a lot of amazing cosplayers (and celebrities!) around. I even got to have a photo with Evanna Lynch, and attend a few of the celebrity panels.

At the end of the day, Cathy and Lisa won Madman 2011, and are set to fly off to Japan soon! Their Okami skit (1:17) was amazing, and had so many wonderful aspects to it. They're definitely deserving winners.

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