Hello World!

First post and this is all very confusing! I'm not quite sure how to work this thing, but I'm really looking forward to having a little corner of the web to spam insanities. I haven't been very productive since March. So here's hoping that blogging gives me insentive to be good! XD

Recent fabric hoard:
L-R, T-B: Silk sateen and silk for Modern Vongola!Chrome; op-shopped print skirt for Amira; velour dress; calico for mock ups; op-shopped red dress for PotO modding; blue stretch poly-blend for Red/Anri; white chiffon and black lace for Sheryl; black faux suede for Amira; amazing cyan brocade and gold trims from Japan for (hopefully!) Main Animania.

And speaking of fabricgasm - I went to Ziguzagu for the first time today. It was definitely worthwhile! So many baskets of beautiful kimono silks, cottons, brocades and tidbits. This would be so perfect for TYL!Chrome's kimono...why is it $20 per metre? ;_;


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YAY Siera, welcome!!
OMG I've heard about ziguzagu, they have such beautiful stuff ;A;
I'd love to splurge there one day~

Ah thank-you! It's good to be here...never mind it just took me 5 minutes to figure out how to reply to your comment. OTL;

It was wonderful in there! Everything was just so gorgeous. I'd really love to take you all around to Melbourne's little cosplay paradises sometime!

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oh my...that kimono fabric...DO WANT *___*

Bienvenue <3

It's just so beautiful! I wish you had touch-ernet to feel it! Being at Ziguzagu really inspired me to be a reasearch nerd and look up all of this kimono-y things! I'm so going to be temped back by it.

Merci beaucoup mon amie! C'est tres magnifique d'être ici. <3

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Oh Sierabutt! Convincing the Wirriams of the world to join too I see!! <3

おかえりなさい~! (Shona already took the French LOL)

Re: No title

Yes yes! I'm being a good little enabler! ^-^

ありがとう アリちゃん~ (Aaw...you could steal it back?)


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