Re-visiting Myobi

Whenever anyone asks me what I enjoy most about cosplay, these are the three things that always come to mind:
- the ability and being able to make and create something
- travelling around Australia (and overseas!)
- having the chance to meet and connect with some really wonderful people that often have similar interests, humours and insanities to my own!

However, when these things conflict with each other, everything gets a bit difficult. I won't go into details, but I've scapped the idea of making Ladrinne (Magna Carta) this year, in lieu of finally finishing a costume that I started 1 3/4 years ago: Myobi from Alichino.

Finishing what I start isn't a very strong point of mine, and never having properly finished Myobi and given her the justice she deserves has always irritated me. I'd originally started making her for Manifest 2008 (which then became Armageddon 2008), but due to school, work and an injury, I wasn't able to fully complete her. I'd planned to rectify this for Manifest last year, before again running out of time - but this year I'm determined to get her done!

It's a really exciting project for me, beause I'm sure that I'll now have the proper skills to complete her, and to do it well at the same time. So here's a few shots from the re-making that started last year!
Papier mache drape form of the horn that hangs around her waist. You can also see the re-making of her bonnet in the background.

Defining the to-scale appliques of the designs that go on her dress.

A few other bits of hat re-making. The re-made bonnet's been covered, the flowers were painted with pink highlights and green lowlights to better match the reference picture, and a very failed attempt at the 'ribbons' that hang around the bonnet.

I keep all of my past and future bits and pieces for individual costumes together in bags, and this is the contents of Myobi's bag. Taking all of this out was just like opening a Christmas present, a very wtf Christmas present - I had no idea what was inside of there! Very helpful, though, is the sheet with my reference and my past costume. I can very easily see where I went wrong, what aspects don't match the ref, and how they'll need to be adjusted for this new version.


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