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Don't you just love hate when things in the mail arrive for a con...just after the con? The irony and lack of planning is hilariously bad! So these showed up on the Monday/Tuesday after Manifest:

Extra vuvuzelas for our Saturday Agito skit. And bling-y rose nails for Sheryl Nome, but they'll be waiting there for 'next time', now. In addition to this, a major wig order including wigs for Manifest arrived just a few day ago too!

What has arrived on time though, is this gorgeous blue sari fabric that I've had imported from India for my (surprise-ish) costume at Main Animania in two weeks! I think I would've preferred it to be a slightly brighter turquoise blue for accuracy's sake, but it should still work beautifully - can't wait to start playing with it!

What's everyone else had arrive for costumes just after it's been needed?


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My Oz (Pandora Hearts) wig, supposedly for Amaranth.. The undertaker (kuroshitsuji) wig which was supposed to be Grell wig, for sat of Manifest..
all from fantasy sheep DD":


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We had heaps of wigs arrive just after manifest. Ended up having to scour the net for replacement wigs. T_T

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I'm pressuming this is Mel? 8D

Gah, as if! Our order was a Fantasy Sheep one too - but it was direct from the China store and didn't get through Chinese customs the first time because the box was too big for the weight that it had. ;__; You guys had such good replacement wigs though - lucky!

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I think you found the best replacements *ever*! Wouldn't have been able to tell after you telling me D8


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