Back! (with Madman 2011)

Long time no blog! I've had a severe lack of motivation, but after being greatly flattered by the fact that this blog still gets daily hits, I'm going to try and give it another go! So here's to 2012!

Though ironically, I'm going to start with the last con from 2011 - Madman/BrisNova2. It was my first year not competing in the finals, which was okay because it was also my birthday! I cosplayed one of my favourite things, Cirque du Soleil! Specifically, the White Singer from Alegría.

Our group all ready and just about to leave.

Making the White Singer was a lot of new challenges, and I knew I wouldn't be able to fully complete her for the con, but hopefully I'll get to make more Cirque costumes in the future.

I didn't take very many photos at the con this year, though there were a lot of amazing cosplayers (and celebrities!) around. I even got to have a photo with Evanna Lynch, and attend a few of the celebrity panels.

At the end of the day, Cathy and Lisa won Madman 2011, and are set to fly off to Japan soon! Their Okami skit (1:17) was amazing, and had so many wonderful aspects to it. They're definitely deserving winners.

Before the con, I had a joint party with J, where we bought alcohol based on fandom references.

But I also had a birthday dinner after the con at one of my favourite places in Brisbane, complete with surprise birthday cake! Many strange, strange in-jokes were born that night. After the con, I stayed a few extra days so that I could see more of my Brisbane friends.

This is the legendary Bowl of Chai from Three Monkeys that I've been lusting over for months! This place is always a must-visit when in Brisbane.

Heart hands are so passé. So we tried making Batman symbols instead.

Whilst some friends went to Wet 'n' Wild on Monday, we had a dry 'n' mild day, which was finished beautifully with this wonderful sunset!

Among going to various cafes and restaurants, we also made space for tea parties.

If there's one thing I miss of Queensland, it's the ridiculously cheap and delicious mangos. Eating them always makes me feel like I'm 6-years old, again.

Squeezing in a quick Star Driver shoot before leaving. Kiraboshi!

Just before leaving, Karen bought me a bucket of dinosaurs! The dinner we'd had the night before was filled with us trying to pick what kind of dinosaur everyone would be...I have no idea why. But dinosaurs are hours of fun!

And that was a week in Brisbane! I had a lot of fun, but am glad I didn't stay much longer because I started to get heat rash. So, until next time! <3


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