Celty Progress: Part 1

As promised, the first lot of progress shots for Celty. She's something that I'm determined to pace myself and take my time with. Officially started perhaps two weeks ago when I first got this helmet off of eBay for the fantastic bargain of AUD$20.50! It was local pick up too, so a drive across town and I had a new gadget to play with.

My first concern's that the helmet was going to look too large on my head and make me look a bit like a lollipop, but after cross-checking this with various people, it's been deemed 'not so silly after all'! 8D

What a helmet looks like with all the gadgets and padding and bits taken out. When I do wear it, I'll more than likely leave the cheek padding out for comfort.

After dissecting it, all the stickers had to come off the back and visor - this is what happens when you take off a sticker that expressedly tells you not to. D:

For most props that I do, I'll always print off to-scale images to work out the sizing of things in relation to me, and to get things looking how they should. First print off I was scaling the helmet bases to each other which left the top/ears way out of proportion to the helmet. Then I re-scaled the helmet heights which works a lot better. Because if things don't work on paper, they'll never work in real life.

Now the real work! After masking off the rubber guard, visor slots and visor opening and giving the whole helmet a light sand, I applied two coats of ESP. It stands for 'Easy Surface Prep' and has a claim of bonding paint to any shiny or high-gloss surface - 'even glass!'. I still have to test out the extent of this, but it's looking good! I've also applied several layers of spray acrylic undercoat to get my helmet to a matte white where I can plot points more easily and assist the vibrancy of the final finish.

I still need to give this a sand with wet and dry to diffuse splutter from the spray paint - it's been so hard to work with when it recommends 15C+ temperatures and the daily max's been 16! Next stop will be ears! From what I've been able to gather, other cosplayers have used craft foam, paper clay and combinations of paper and expanding foam. None of these are really appealing to me at the moment, so I'm leaning towards laminated and sculped blocks of balsa wood. But we'll see how it goes!


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THEY DO NOT WORK. lovelove.

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o/! Always love! Though I do need to fix up the width on a few, I don't realise my blog was so narrow.

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waaaaiii I am so very excited to see your Celty!! <333


It looks so good
so far

CELTY <3333

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You are gonna be so amazing *A* incredible work Siera <33

Re: No title

Aah ha...me too! DD8 She's still really quite a way off though. =<

Re: woah

So far! This is a good sign! If things don't start well, they're not going to end well. *nods*

Re: No title

Aaw, thank-you so much Jirru! I have faith! 83


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