Making of Blueberry Cheesecake (Sakizo's Girl Meets Sweets2)

I've adored Sakizo's artworks for a really long time, and I've been able to start cosplaying them this year, which makes me very happy! Her designs and illustrations appeal to me on many levels, and she's a great supporter of people cosplaying her works too!

My first choice was to do Blueberry Cheesecake from Girl Meets Sweets2 because...well, mostly because of the cheesecake-on-head, but I thought the sewing was well within my skill set...and it was, though it still took me about 3 1/2 months to complete between full-time work and other commitments.

I started hoarding fabrics a few weeks before starting patterning, trying to get silks and cotton blends that would be the right shades and work with various trimmings and lace on the costume.

I had a very limited ammount of purple fabric to use for the blouse and other parts in this costume, so I did a mock up of the blouse to start with, and it's a good thing that I did because the sleeves weren't anywhere near as big as I wanted them to be.

To adjust this, I used a patternmaking method called 'slash and open' which involved ruling some lines in the pattern that I 'slashed' open, and spread apart to create more volume (numbering the panels also helps in case pieces go missing).

Just to make sure everything was good, I made the lining for the shirt first. It's just made out of basic cottons, and was a good backing to have as I wasn't sure how sheer the blouse fabric would be when worn (answer: not very).

To create the striped look of the fabric, I masked off stripes in my front, back and sleeve pieces, and painted this detail in with a combination of acrylic paint, fabric medium and glitter...just for extra sparkle! :D The front and back were quite easy to measure, but due to the shape the sleeves now had, I had to measure a radius for the sleeve stripes.

Aand then little cuff to attatch to the sleeve. :3

The base for the pie was made by pushing Crayola model magic into a pie tin, and then readjusting the size so that it would be small enough to go on my head. I then painted it, and cut out a foam disk to take up the bulk of space and to help alleviate some weight on the inside of the pie.

The custard/custard 'filling' was made by tinting acrylic putty with paint, and piping it onto the foam. I pressed fake scented blueberries into the putty whilst it was still wet, and glued additional berries and a pansy on top to finish it.

And then my family and friends were complaing that they couldn't eat it, so I made a real blueberry cheesecake! :D It wasn't quite as pretty looking, but it definitely tasted better!

With the skirt, I spent a lot of time deciding which fabrics I'd use for it, and how I'd go about creating the tiered design. I ended up with a hybrid tier/rectangle skirt where some layers were gathered into each other, but I didn't want to go with a full tier skirt because of the ammount of volume that I wanted the skirt to have.

There was a good few weeks where my loungeroom was just regtangles of ruffles, and me being too scared to put them together. It happens. The left is the lining for the skirt, which had ruffles and lace attached to it, and to the right is the making of the first two tiers of the skirt, before the pink ruffle on the edge had been attached. I can't remember *exact* figures, but there's something like 35 metres of ruffles involved in this skirt. x_x

And finally all the tiers and ruffles were attached onto a waistband!

To create the criss-cross design on the second tier from the top of the skirt, I had a length of spotted tulle that I handbeaded to create the same effect that's in the illustration. That was then handsewn onto the skirt with the golden laces that adorned it.

Having already made a neck piece for my Doll cosplay , I just traced the segments of that to make a pattern for this one - the only difference being the opening being at the back, instead of the front. The brown lace is a suede cut that I backed on a black lace to match the illustration, though I did paint the lace to be more of a red-brown to match my fabric better.

Things are coming together! The wig is a Mugatu from Arda Wigs, and my boots were bought from AliExpress. I made up some extra panels of beading for the boots to match the skirt, and also wefted the ponytails into the wig to create more volume.

Just little details left to go! The cookie for the waist bow was cut out of some rolled sculpy, and I pushed holes into it with a needle before baking so that I could bead some pearls onto it. The blueberry hair clips were also made out of sculpy and hotglued onto some clips from Hairhouse Warehouse.

Garter and waist ruffles were made out of the same silk as the bow and sleeve details, and then later beaded to match the designs.

I was a bit concerned about how I was going to get the cheesecake to sit in my wig, but it ended up being quite simple. I drilled some holes into the model magic base, threaded wig wefting thread through the holes and into the wig, and tied it off. Success! The ribbons at the back were just hotglued together (was running out of time ;_;) and decorated with lace and ribbon from the skirt. The doily was just a paper one from the supermarket that I laquered in PVA glue so it wouldn't rip, and then cut more exaggerated scallops into it.

All done :D


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