Le jour de Miku

I've been a fan of Vocaloid since 2007, and the fandom is easily one of my favourites. All of the content is completely fan-generated, which is something that I still find really amazing and inspiring and truely unique to Vocaloid. It's a fandom that can be enjoyed on a lot of different levels (music, art, costuming, stories, technology etc.) to varying extents - you can get as much or as little from it as you like!

Because of this love, I've had a bad habit of putting off Vocaloid cosplays, until recently, as I've wanted everything to be perfect. However, with a crazy day of shooting Miku on Wednesday, I think I've finally managed to do her some justice and give a bit back to the fandom. I've been wanting to do a proper shoot with the checkered background for World is Mine since I first made it for Christie and my Madman trip to Tokyo, and it finally happened! Unfortunately, work tried to interfere with this and called me in the day before the shoot - ruining my plans to make the background. But hey! That's what 2am's for, right?

We started the day with me picking up Aeryn before we turned my lounge room into a mini studio which involved pinning the backdrop to my couch, weird limb positions, neck exercises, stuffing pillows under the backdrop to hold my head up and me sending Aeryn around the house to find things whilst I tried to hold that darn pose! D:
I'm so turning that backdrop into a blanket now!

After we'd taken an odd 400 shots of the World is Mine set up, we tidied up and I re-styled and make-up'd for Saihate. It's been a song that's really affected and helped me a lot lately, so I've been very picky with who I've wanted to shoot it with, and I'm so glad it was with Aeryn and Kate. I was close to tears a few times during the afternoon, but I don't think my make up was going to let me cry. XD;
We started Saihate in a cemetery near our houses (and the train station!) which is one of Aeryn's favourite places, and we came across these toadstools! So pretty!

We were somehow only 15 minutes late for meeting Kate (which I think is still some sort of miracle...our whole shoot day was on time!) and ended up walking to the location in the city as I wasn't 100% sure where it was.
Kate turns to a wig-brusher extraordinaire!

Who has matching photographers? I DO! Lots of love goes out to Kate and Aeryn for their help, support, laughs and friendship. <3

And a small preview of the shots that Aeryn's already processed!

(Note the mushrooms to the right!)



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aww wow! sooo prettyy <3 sounds like the shoot was alot of fun

Re: No title

Thanks Bubble! Oh yes, it was really, really super enjoyable!


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